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MyExperience Molise

The Organizing and Research Committee “MyExperience Molise” (COR) was set up for the coordination and development (including marketing and communication), of the contents related to the archaeological excavations that the University of Molise is conducting at Agnone, Pesche, Sant'Elia a Pianisi and San Giuliano del Sannio. The initiative is in collaboration with the IT company ETT S.p.A. (Experience Design & Digital Transformation) and the Molise Region (Italy).

The objectives of COR include:

  • the activation of a co-creation process to revitalize the new archaeological excavations and use them as a hub for the valorization of the rural territory in which they are located;
  • the organization of an international interdisciplinary symposium to conclude the work, scheduled for May 2024;
  • the planning and organization of an event/show within the symposium for the dissemination of the research products;
  • the activation of internal interdisciplinary research seminars focused on the three research objectives: Creativity, Interdisciplinarity and Communication of Cultural Heritage.

Next Event
Tuesday 12 December
The role of values in curiosity: Can we become curious about something even if we don’t care?
The eleventh seminar of the "My Experience Molise" project will be held on Tuesday 12th December at 14:30 CET at the University of Molise.
The title of the meeting is "The role of values in curiosity: Can we become curious about something even if we don’t care?" and will feature a talk on the subject by Selene Arfini, Universit&agr...

COR seminars

This section contains the recordings and downloadable materials relating to all the seminars promoted by the COR starting from February 2023.


Pubblicazioni COR

In this section it is possible to find scientific articles and in-depth materials on COR research topics and seminars.



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